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P.E. & Health


Students will participate in team and individual sports as well as games and activities throughout the school year. Students will participate in fitness activities two days a week.  All students will be enrolled in one quarter of health every year.  Their grade is based on daily participation, dressing and assessments. 

Middle School Health Curriculum
6th Grade

The focus of the 6th grade curriculum is that students will apply knowledge and responsibility in correlation to one’s body (Personal, Physical and Emotional Well Being)


Topics covered:  Body Systems, Puberty, Safety/First Aid/CPR, Fitness and Nutrition

7th Grade

Seventh grade students will apply the decision-making model in regards to illegal substances and mental and emotional health.  They will also explain how these substances may affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Topics Covered:  Decision making, Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol, Mental and Emotional Health

8th Grade

Students will apply decision making skills in regards to violence prevention, relationships and the sexual reproductive system.  Students will explore ways to create positive relationships which will help them become personally and socially responsible.


Topics Covered:  Relationships, Violence/Violence Prevention, Reproduction/Life Cycle/Abstinence & Contraception, STD’s/HIV/AIDS









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P.E. / Health Teachers
6th Gr. PE, 7th Gr, PE, 8th Gr, Health:
6th Gr. PE, 7th Gr. PE, 8th Gr. PE:
6th Gr. Health, 7th Gr. Health, 8th Gr. PE:
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